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Orange wine

10 Best Awarded Slovenian Wines

If you’re a wine lover, you’re in the right place and country. Slovenia is becoming ever more popular as a prime wine des...
6 min read
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Ferdinand wine

10 Best Slovenia Wineries & Vineyards

So you’ve decided to take a tour of Slovenia’s best wineries. How could we blame you? Slovenia is quickly gaining more promine...
9 min read
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Morning fog over Slovenian vineyards

A Guide to Slovenia’s Wine Regions (Experience the Diversity)

So you’ve decided to check out what’s behind Slovenia’s great wines. Fantastic thinking! Slovenia’s wine regions are as ca...
7 min read
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Wines of Vipava valley

Wine harvesting in Slovenia (How they do it in Vipava valley)

If you are a big wine fan or a wine expert wannabe, you’re in the right place! By knowing about wine harvesting, you might impre...
4 min read
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Wine barrels where organic wines are made

What Makes Organic Wines of Slovenia The Best

Have you ever tried organic wines? You most probably have, even without being aware of it. Attention all eco-wine fans! You should...
4 min read
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Grape into wine

St Martin’s Day (Martinovanje): Let’s Celebrate Slovenia’s New 2019 Wines

Grape harvesting is over, and it’s time to celebrate the new wine vintage in Slovenia. It’s the end of the wine harvest. Slove...
4 min read
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Wine brings people together

Why is Slovenian Wine Healthy For You

Wine is not just another alcoholic beverage – it’s often referred to as the nectar of Gods and is probably also the ol...
3 min read
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Vineyards in Vipava valley

In The Heart of Slovenian Wineries

Driving from the capital Ljubljana to Vipava, you can’t take your eyes off the magnificent views. The route is only 50 kilom...
2 min read
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