In The Heart of Slovenian Wineries

In The Heart of Slovenian Wineries

Driving from the capital Ljubljana to Vipava, you can’t take your eyes off the magnificent views. The route is only 50 kilometers long, but it abounds in varied and beautiful landscapes. In the first part of the journey, we pass through the plain and the Krajinski park Ljubljansko barje. Entering the Logatec region, we will find ourselves between mountain ranges. High and majestic, they will accompany us to our final destination. Before the end of our journey, we will find ourselves next to Postojna cave – a wonder inscribed on the UNESCO list. But our focus are welcoming local wineries, waiting for us to explore them, and treating ourselves with a glass of the best drop!

Wipava wine tour

A unique mountain in Vipava is Nanos. A picturesque ridge path leads to it. With every step, you can admire the amazing landscapes of this Wine Country. Being on the top of Nanos, you can enjoy the view from above, both Slovenia and Italy. With good visibility and binoculars – Venice. On one side, you have the entire coast and boundless waters, on the other, the majestic Alps.


What would a trip to Vipava be without a visit to the wine museum? It is a must-see for every visitor – especially if you are into the history of wine art. Special attention goes also to the numerous castles in the surrounding area – there are numerous ruins waiting to tell their story. Each building is beautiful in its way and has a long history worth exploring. You can visit Tabor Castle in Vipava, Old Castle in Ajdovščina, and the best-preserved castle in the area is Holy Cross Castle. In addition, in the Land of Wine, you can see the ancient Roman fortress and the beautiful Dvorec Lanthier.

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There are also numerous activities in Vipava unrelated to wine tasting. The Green District is full of mountain trails of different difficulty levels for hikers and cyclists. In addition, there are trails for climbing throughout the region. It is said that in Vipava you can experience the best adventure among the rocks in your life. Also, fans of fishing will be delighted by the richness of the Vipava River.

The time to explore Vipava valley is now!