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In The Heart of Slovenian Wineries

Driving from the capital Ljubljana to Vipava, you can’t take your eyes off the magnificent views. The route is only 50 kilometers long, but it abounds in varied and beautiful landscapes. In the first part of the journey, we pass through the plain and the Krajinski park Ljubljansko barje. Entering the Logatec region, we will..

10 Best Awarded Slovenian Wines

10 best award-winning wines as voted by wine experts that should be on your ‘wines-to-drink’ list while in Slovenia. If you’re a wine lover, you’re in the right place and country. Slovenia is becoming ever more popular as a prime wine destination. It produces top-quality wines and features abundant wineries, many of which are beautiful..

Partner spotlight: Bulgaria wine tours

Bulgaria: An emerging wine and food travel destination Written By Zina Sorensen (©) Wine has been made in Bulgaria for millennia. Over 5000 years of wine history tracing back to the Thracian era place Bulgaria among the oldest winemaking countries in the world.  After 45 years behind the iron curtain, Bulgarian wine is in a..

10 BEST Slovenia Wineries & Vineyards

So you’ve decided to take a tour of Slovenia’s best wineries. How could we blame you? Slovenia is quickly gaining more prominence on the world wine map with many of its wineries becoming ever more renowned. It may not be a large exporter of its wines as the Slovenes prefer to keep them to themselves…

A Guide to Slovenia’s Wine Regions (Experience the Diversity)

So you’ve decided to check out what’s behind Slovenia’s great wines. Fantastic thinking! Slovenia’s wine regions are as captivating as they are diverse. So we’re extra sure you’re going to have a wonderful time experiencing them. Slovenia offers three wine-growing regions: Primorska (Littoral Region), Podravska (Drava Region), and the Posavska (Lower Sava Region). Each one..

Wine harvesting in Slovenia (How they do it in Vipava valley)

If you are a big wine fan or a wine expert wannabe, you’re in the right place! By knowing about wine harvesting, you might impress your friends or business partners. And there’s more: if you will know and tell some interesting facts about Slovenian wine harvesting, you will be admired!!! Isn’t is curious that Slovenia..

What Makes Organic Wines of Slovenia The Best

Slovenia is a paradise for organic wine lovers, with such a large number of eco-friendly wineries.

St Martin’s Day (Martinovanje): Let’s Celebrate Slovenia’s New 2019 Wines

Grape harvesting is over, and it’s time to celebrate the new wine vintage in Slovenia. It’s the end of the wine harvest. Slovenian winemakers have finished celebrating the fruits of their hard work in the vineyards with many a wine harvest party. But that’s not all. There’s yet another reason to celebrate in the name..

Why is Slovenian Wine Healthy For You

Wine is not just another alcoholic beverage – it’s often referred to as the nectar of Gods and is probably also the oldest known drink, besides water of course. Plato even said that the Gods did not give anything to anyone except excellent wine – and we definitely aren’t going to object! Although drinking excessive..