What Makes Organic Wines of Slovenia The Best

Slovenia is a paradise for organic wine lovers, with such a large number of eco-friendly wineries. Here is what makes the organic wines of Slovenia the best.
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Blog Published June 28, 2022
Edited March 28, 2024

Have you ever tried organic wines? You most probably have, even without being aware of it. Attention all eco-wine fans! You should definitely try some organic wines produced by Slovenian winemakers. Slovenia’s wine reputation is growing steadfastly, and it’s no different when it comes to organic wines. We’re about to take a look at some of Slovenia’s most prominent organic winemakers. But first, why is Slovenia such a great country to taste organic wines?

Sustainable Tourism in Slovenia

Slovenia is recognized as a highly eco-friendly place. The National Geographic Traveler magazine gave it the title of the World’s Most Sustainable Country in the World. And it doesn’t stop there. Slovenia is continuing to keep sustainable tourism as its top priority. 

Due to its green reputation, it’s attracting a number of tourist organizations and agencies from abroad that focus on eco-friendly holidays. For example, Green World Holidays supports sustainable tourism and offers eco-focused, family-friendly adventure holidays in Slovenia and Croatia. Slovenia is also attractive for eco-conscious gourmets and wine lovers who are looking for higher-quality food and wine experiences. Ana Roš of restaurant Hiša Franko is one great example of a chef who uses natural, and locally-sourced ingredients for her dishes. And her wine cellar is also filled with natural and organic wines. No wonder she’s so popular!

Sustainable Wines in Slovenia

Due to Slovenia’s Green Scheme and sustainability awareness, many Slovenian winemakers are turning back to the more traditional ways of producing wine. Therefore, they are using organic techniques that employ the use of natural methods rather than the methods promoted nowadays that use pesticides. Winemakers must conform to certain EU regulations surrounding wine production. They specify how grapes should be cultivated, which additives are allowed in the wines, and which winemaking techniques are sustainable. Now, let’s get onto Slovenia’s organic wines!

Slovenia’s Most Famous Organic Wineries

For tasting some of the best organic wines that Slovenia has to offer, you should definitely pay a visit to the following wineries. We’ve organized them according to Slovenia’s wine-growing regions.

Primorska Organic Wineries:

The largest concentration of organic wineries is to be found in the wine-growing region of Primorska in the west of Slovenia, which is further divided into four parts: Goriška Brda, Vipava Valley, Karst (Kras), and Slovenian Istria.  

Goriška Brda

In the northernmost area of Primorska, you’ll find Vino Reia, located in Dobrovo, which is the center of this wine-growing area. 

Vipava Valley

Slightly further down, you’ll find the following winemakers:

  • Guerila Biodynamic Winery: A biodynamic wine-growing farm in the village of Planina near Ajdovščina.
  • Batič: A biodynamic winery situated in Šempas.
  • Mlečnik: Situated in Bukovica village, in the lower Vipava Valley.


Just below the Vipava Valley, in the region, you’ll find Callin, a boutique winemaker located in the village of Kazlje.

Slovenian Istria

Many more organic wineries can be found here, which is the southernmost part of Primorska:

  • Rodica: A family organic wine farm located in the heart of Slovenian Istria, in the village of Truške in Marezige, 12 km above the town of Koper.  
  • Vina Gordia: The Gordia estate lies in Kolomban, an idyllic village above Ankaran. 
  • Vina Zaro: An ecological winery situated in Izola
  • Vina Rojac, in Šmarje a village on the hills between Koper and Izola
  • Korenika & Moškon Winery: A family-owned winery located in Korte, a village in the heart of Slovenian Istria

Podravska Organic Wineries:

Slovenia’s Podravska or Podravlje’s wine-making region in the east bears two prominent organic winemakers: 

  • Valentan, situated in the village of Vodole, 10 minutes’ drive away from Maribor; and
  • Šuman, which can be found in Voličina, a village also not too far off from Maribor (around 25 minutes’ drive)

How to Taste Organic Wines in Slovenia

You can taste Slovenia’s organic wines by taking an organized wine tour or renting a car and doing it solo. If doing it alone, remember to contact the wineries beforehand to make an appointment for your visit. Perhaps you’re slightly tight on time and you’re only in Ljubljana for a few days? Worry not. You can pretty much taste the crème de la crème of organic wines in Ljubljana

We wish you an enjoyable time as you taste Slovenia’s organic wines!

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